Raptor Presentations  


Raptor orientations for anyone of all age groups corporate parties, schools, institutions, clubs, parties, weddings, sporting clubs, birder groups, wildlife enforcement agencies, etc. Each orientation is streamlined for an individual group's age, background and education. Orientations can be preformed indoors or outdoors and all include the free flying of multiple trained raptors. The average orientation is 45 to 60 minutes although multiple shows can be arranged at a given site for better value.

Topics covered at an orientation

  1. History of falconry
  2. Raptor biology
  3. The art and sport of falconry today
  4. Professional falconry environmental bird control (abatement)
  5. Captive breeding of falcons and raptors
  6. The role of falconers in the delisting of the peregrine falcon in 1999 from the endangered species list
  7. Local raptors of your area
  8. Identification and how to observe them

The Squadron our trained hunting raptors.

Prices range from $350 to $800 (multiple shows) a day, call for more details.
Phone 650-265-8617 Email roninairjeff@gmail.com