Falconry Courses and Raptor Safari Experiences
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Please keep in mind that right now in the next few weeks is when you can still see The Peregrine Falcon on North Padre Island before they migrate. Check your schedule to see if you can join us in the next week or two. During this special time We teach and lead groups every day of the week until they are gone.
A selection of popular Ronin Air Falconry Courses - See Below



Beginning Level: 1 hour:"How to handle a Hawk I" $130.00

1 .5 hours: "Flying the Hawk II" $229.00

Special pricing for both: $310

1 .5 hours: "Flying the Hawk III"

3 hours: "The Hunting Falcon, Eagle Owl or Hawk IV"

Local Raptor Safari: Learn all the local N. CA birds of prey

5 different Raptor species guaranteed or your money back

Pricing: $99-$199 (depending on the hours and location )

Private and semi-private
Learn from Ronin Air Ecological Wildlife Services
A series of hands on courses that include actual free flying and hunting!

Take one or a series of lessons in the ancient art and sport of falconry. Witness the flight of these majestic birds of prey up close and personal. Intermediate courses include free flying with your own-trained Saker falcon. (Courses III and IV off of your horse or ours if requested)

Ronin Air Ecollogical Service, originally from Los Altos, is an environmental service and has just relocated to Redwood City. We Pioneered Falcon Beach H2O water quality improvement in Santa Barbara and the US Air Forces "War on Terrorism" (B-2 Stealth Bombers bird abatement program). These dynamic courses will be available to individuals or groups taught by professional falconers and the RAFS squadron of working Saker and Lanner Falcons,African Auger Hawks, Eurasian Eagle Owls and European Goshawks.

View local wild Perigrine falcons within photo range at our "secret site."

More courses are available on request: 650-265-8617

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the Falconry Courses listed above.
Have a special falconry interest? If you have an idea for a falconry course and would like to discuss it with us (e.g. designed for your experience level, special falconry interests, or a young group of the students?) we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call.
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